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Welcome to Long Island Scholars' application for the 2019-2020 school year! We accept applications on a rolling basis, which means you can apply any time during your sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school.

We offer students and families interested in our services two options; both require completing our application below (test score information is optional; financial statement required only for Long Island Scholarship program applicants):

1. Custom Fall, Spring, and Summer term educational consulting packages

No income or GPA requirements; renewable on a term-by-term basis; minimum commitment: 5 consulting hours; minimum suggested donation per family per semester:

  • $300 per semester (for consulting support in Year 11 Fall, Spring; Year 12 Spring, Summer)

  • $500 (for consulting support in Year 11 Summer; Year 12 Fall).

2. The Long Island Scholarship Program

The Long Island Scholarship Program provides accepted students (who must be sophomores, juniors, or seniors currently enrolled in public high schools on Long Island) with up to $20,000 in free educational consulting services from the fall of their junior year (or whenever they apply and are accepted) through their first semester in college. Requirements:


  • 3.0 minimum unweighted GPA

  • Statement of financial need (200 words or fewer) OR a scanned copy of your FAFSA report (as a general guideline, we are looking to support students from households with an combined federal adjusted gross income of $125,000 or less, but special circumstances will be taken into consideration)


For more information, please contact us at, or at (917) 575-2981 (phone or text).

To apply, please email the following materials to

1. For both student and parent(s)/guardian(s):

  • First and last name; street address(es); contact email addresses, phone numbers

  • Student birthday; high school name, address, graduation year; unweighted GPA

  • If available: PSAT, SAT, ACT, and/or AP score(s)

2. An activities resume which describes up to six activities that are most important to you. It is perfectly fine to submit fewer than six activities. For each activity, we request the following:

  • Name of activity

  • Your position or title, if any

  • Approximate start and end dates of your involvement in the activity

  • Approximate hours you commit to the activity per week

  • A description of the nature of your involvement (limit of 300 characters per activity)

3. Contact information for two references (name, relationship, email address, and phone number). These can be teachers, administrators, coaches, or other adult mentors (other than parents or guardians) in your life.

4. A writing sample (600 words or fewer):

  • A draft of your personal statement, a personal essay, OR

  • A letter to Dr. Garrett addressing the following questions: What impact would specialized educational consulting have on your dreams for the future? As specifically as possible, tell us about your goals and aspirations, why you have them, and how you would benefit from the presence of academic mentors in your life.

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