Water, reflected light, fish visible under the surface

My mom and I reached out to Dr. Garrett last year when it was time for me to apply to college. Growing up in a different country, my mom had never been through the college process, and with a lack of proper resources, we tried to find someone who could guide me through this daunting process, while meeting the strict budget we had. That was when we stumbled upon Long Island Scholars, a new nonprofit company that would help qualified students who need it, for free. Both of us were skeptical but when I had my first few conversations with Dr. Garrett, I knew that she was the right person to turn to. 


We worked together on Google docs, where Dr. Garrett would offer advice on how to make my supplements and Common App essay could more engaging. She kept me on task, ensuring that I was meeting my financial aid deadlines and my college deadlines. She gave me advice and mentioned many factors to consider when deciding which school I should apply to for ED. I was dead set on applying to a very expensive school, but after expressing my concerns about affording such a school, with Dr. Garrett's encouragement, I applied to my second choice. Even though it was a last-minute decision, Dr. Garrett worked around the clock to edit and proofread my supplements until the day of the deadline. In December, I was notified that I was accepted to my ED with an amazing scholarship. I don't think I would have been able to do this alone. The college process is daunting and Dr. Garrett did a lot to relieve a lot of stress. I am grateful for this experience. Thank you so much. 

Kelly H., Richard D. Cohen Scholar, Boston University Class of 2024