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College Student



We are located in Glen Cove, NY, one of the most diverse small cities in New York. Inspired by the potential we see in the young people here, we founded LIS in 2019 to help public school students in Glen Cove and all over Long Island realize their dreams. 


Public school students from modest backgrounds often have an incomplete understanding of the opportunities available to them, and difficulty accessing those opportunities even when they are aware of them. Yet such students are more likely to receive adequate financial aid and complete college successfully when they attend more selective institutions. Simply receiving help from experts in filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) leads to increased enrollment and better financial aid packages. This is where Long Island Scholars comes in.


Arriving on campus, students can sometimes feel overwhelmed, under-prepared, or alienated from college life. They may struggle with time management, priority-setting, planning, and other adult skills. Mentoring and training can equip students to manage the challenges of independence, college-level work, and campus life.

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