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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Last Saturday at our College Essay Workshop at the Glen Cove YMCA, we had the distinct pleasure of meeting an amazing group of juniors from the Glen Cove, North Shore, and Locust Valley districts. With the help of an equally impressive group of Yale alumni volunteers, including two members of the incoming Yale Class of 2023, the juniors began what Aristotle called the "invention" stage of the writing process through freewriting, brainstorming, and drafting exercises.

As always in good workshop sessions, it was so gratifying on Saturday to see a roomful of strangers of all ages become a writing community, swapping stories and sharing ideas.

Students who attended: don't forget that you can send draft(s) and/or pre-draft(s) to for a free follow-up online editing session.

Follow us here and on our social media accounts for updates about our upcoming programs!

In the meantime, you definitely need to know about the College Board's new Opportunity Scholarships (from $500 to $40,000), which have no GPA or income requirement. The program guides students through the college planning process and offers them a chance to earn money for college for doing things they have to do anyway, like practicing for and taking the SAT. Here's a link to a slideshow that tells you everything you need to know.

More soon, and thanks again to everyone for a great workshop and launch experience!


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