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What Are You Doing This Summer?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I know what you're thinking: "But it's only January!"

Still, high school students who hope to attend college--especially those from lower and middle-income families--should ideally start exploring summer academic programs or learning-intensive internships early in the year: finding opportunities and the funding to make them possible requires a bit of advance planning. And believe it or not, most program application deadlines fall in early February.

Opportunities Nationwide

Our colleagues at Top Tier Admissions serve a different clientele than we do (they charge over $16,000 for their summer College Application Bootcamp!) .... but their recently-published list of prestigious, tuition-free summer programs offers valuable information for low- and middle-income families of rising juniors and seniors. Three of the well established, well regarded programs for high school students described are open to Long Island students:

  • The Anson L. Clark Scholars program at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas offers high school juniors and seniors (aged 17 and above only!) guided research opportunities, field trips, and weekly seminars as well as free room and board and a $750 stipend.

  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's six-week summer MITES program (Minority Introduction to Engineering and Sciences) is open to high school juniors (not just "minority" students, despite the program's name) who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Students take a full slate of five courses at MIT (math, life sciences, physics, humanities, and an elective) with all educational, food, and boarding costs covered by the program's funders.

  • The Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program is free, takes place entirely online, and runs from the last week of June till the first week of August. It pairs experienced writer-mentors with student writers (grades 9-12) to work in a genre of the student's choosing (poetry, fiction, and nonfiction are offered in Summer, 2020).

Opportunities on Long Island and in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan: We will continue to expand and update this list in the coming weeks...

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