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Register for free consultation before Regular Decision deadlines! (@Glen Cove YMCA, 12/30)

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Are you a public high school senior who's planning to send out another round (or first round) of college applications when the Regular Decision deadlines roll around, starting Jan. 1?

Or a senior who's still figuring out what you're going to do next year?

A junior or sophomore who wants to figure out what you can do now to prepare for the future?

A parent who's looking for free advice from an expert independent educational consultant?

Come meet with me if you want to: review/revise applications, essays and supplements, college lists, and/or requirements; seek advice about testing, scholarships, and/or financial aid; strategize about internships, jobs, career paths, and/or training programs for teens and young adults; express your anxiety about the whole process...!

I'd love to meet with you to help you realize your dreams; sign up for an appointment on our homepage today.

(YMCA in Glen Cove, 125 Dosoris Lane; image credit: Ian J. Stark, Newsday.)

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